Valuation Advisory Services

Valuation of the commercial real estate sector is the primary service line.

Advisory Services for the commercial real estate sector are the secondary service lines and are divided into six advisory service groups:

  • Economic Research
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Investment Research
  • Litigation Support
  • Market Analysis
  • Property Tax

Economic Research

Academically, from a business perspective, real estate is viewed as a sub-discipline of finance and finance as a sub-discipline of economics.  The classical economists, such as Adam Smith, referred to economics as “political economy” linking economic systems to political systems.  Economics and finance are also seen as far more established (credible) academic disciplines than real estate, which was considered “trade school” as recently as the 1950s.  In the 1950s two academic studies recommended that real estate be dropped from university curriculums.  The National Bureau of ECONOMIC RESEARCH is responsible, among other things, for determining the start and end of economic recessions. 
“Research” emphasizes a core competency and market rents and market prices are “economic” considerations and other “economic” applications can be closely aligned.

Feasibility Analysis

Both “feasibility” and “analysis” represent core competencies.

Investment Research

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) professional designation is awarded by the CFA Institute, formerly known as the Association for INVESTMENT Management and RESEARCH (AIMR).  The CFA is gaining increasing worldwide respect by debt analysts, equity analysts, financial analysts, securities analysts who perform valuations as well as investment and portfolio mangers.  Both “investment” (income capitalization analysis from direct capitalization to discounted cash flow analysis and beyond) and “analysis” represent core competencies.

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Litigation Support

Litigation support is the most common term describing the process of providing advisory, consultation, and support services to attorneys in regard to current and pending cases. The type of support services offered will depend on the needs of the attorney and may range from research and documentation of facts and precedents before a case comes to trial, or assisting in the determination of damages one a case has been tried.  Consultants offering this type of professional service may work independently or be one of several consultants working at a firm providing litigating support services. 

Market Analysis

Both “market” and “analysis” represent core competencies.

We offer a variety of services for both proposed and existing properties and developments. Some of our services supplied include:

  • Commercial Property Appraisals
  • Site Selection, Analysis & Valuation
  • Absorption Studies
  • Market Analysis & Feasibility Studies
  • Insurable Valuation
  • FEMA Guideline Valuation
  • HUD Insurable Valuation
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Estate Valuation
  • Eminent Domain
  • Litigation Support
  • Appraisal Review
  • Contract Analysis
  • Tax Representation

Our finished reports are presented in a variety of approved appraisal formats meeting the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (Self-Contained, Summary or Restricted). We'll help you choose the product that will best suit your intended use, often saving both delivery time and money.

From vacant commercial lots to complex mixed-use developments, we have the experience and knowledge to analyze and value most property types. Property types we are exceptionally active in include:

  • Apartments
  • Mid-Rise & High-Rise Condominium Developments
  • Subdivisions
  • Golf Courses
  • Townhome Projects
  • Marinas
  • Landfills
  • Office Properties
  • Retail Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Hotel / Motel Properties
  • Vacant Land - Rural & Urban
  • Estates
  • Property Tax Appeals
  • Mixed-Use & DRI Projects
  • Service Stations

We are capable of handling single property to large portfolio assignments. Geographic area covered is a function of property type and scope of assignment.

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